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FOOD menu

Waffle fries  10

BBQ wings, waffle fries  20

Double beef and bacon Burger  19
potato flour bun, burger sauce, waffle fries

Vegetable burger  V  19
kale and field mushroom pattie, vegan cheese, chipotle

Chard skewers

Lemon thyme chicken   18
Caesar salad, prosciutto, flat bread

Boerewors sausage  19
broccolini, mash, onion gravy

Moroccan lamb kofta   21
dried fruit, cous cous, coriander yoghurt

Beef satay   21
fried egg, shallots, Jasmine rice, fried prawn crackers

Chard vegetables V   18
Vegan meatballs, hommus, flat bread

Field mushrooms V  18
Vegan pesto, dried fruits, cous cous, lemon


Gin O’Clock   17
Gin, lime, pineapple puree, raspberry jelly & tonic

Aperol & Eve   16
Aperol, house sparkling wine, orange & lime juice, soda

Spring Bluff   18
House rum, coconut, mango, lime, Sydney brewery ginger agave cider

Platform 9¾   17 (it’s low-calorie!)
House Gin, Chambord, Artisan skinny tonic, orange bitters

Batch black – Pre batched   19
House vodka, Mr Black, espresso, salt & simple syrup

Draught Beers                                                  Sch/Pnt

Sydney Brewery Lovedale Lager               NSW   7/9 

Sydney Brewery Paddo Pale Ale                NSW   7/9

Sydney Brewery The Original Cider           NSW   7/9

Hahn Super Dry                                           NSW   8/10

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale        Byron Bay, NSW   9/11


Bottled Beers & Cider 

Sydney Brewery                                                       8

Surry Hills Pale Ale, Dark Lager, Lumberjack Rye IPA, Blue Swimmer Summer Ale

Sydney Brewery Original Cider                    NSW   8

Hahn Super Dry                                             NSW   8

Heineken                                                          NL    10

Tooheys New                                                 NSW   8

Jade Estate Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Hunter Valley, NSW $20.00
All Saints Moscato Rutherglen, VIC $20.00
El Desperado Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA $25.00
First Creek Botanica Chardonnay Hunter Valley, NSW $25.00
Dal Zotto Pinot Grigio King Valley, VIC $25.00
Robert Stein Riesling Mudgee, NSW $33.00
Vinemind Vermentino Clare Valley, SA $23.00
Fetherston Dolcetto Rose Cheshunt, VIC $22.00
Philip Shaw ‘Pink Billy Saignee’ Orange, NSW $30.00
Innocent Bystander Gamay Pinot Noir $23.00
Credaro Kinship Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon Margaret River, WA $30.00
First Creek Shiraz Hunter Valley, NSW $24.00
Raidis Estate Merlot Coonawarra, SA $42.00
Vinteloper Touriga Nacional Langhorne Creek, SA $30.00
Pipers Brook Pipers Brook, TAS $40.00
Brown Brothers Prosecco Rose $17.00
42 Degrees South Premiere Coal River, TAS $30.00
Tertini Sparkling Rose Southern Highlands, NSW $26.00
Dal Zotto ‘Pucino’ Prosecco King Valley, VIC $25.00
Mountadam Riesling Eden Valley, SA $25.00
Devils Corner ‘Resolution’ Riesling $26.00
Grosset ‘Springvale’ Riesling Clare Valley, SA $48.00
Tertini Riesling Southern Highlands, NSW $40.00
Tamar Ridge Sauvignon Blanc $22.00
Shaw+Smith Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA $30.00
Ashbrook Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA $30.00
Raidis Estate Sauvignon Blanc Coonawarra, SA $24.00
Cullen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Margaret River, WA $32.00
Silkman Semillon Hunter Valley, NSW $30.00
Keith Tulloch Museum Semillon Hunter Valley, NSW $60.00
The Other Wine Co Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills, SA $26.00
Swinging Bridge Pinot Gris Orange, NSW $23.00
Campbells Fiano Rutherglen, VIC $25.00
Yangarra Roussanne McLaren Vale, SA $30.00
The Pawn Gruner Veltliner Adelaide Hills, SA $24.00
Vinemind Vermentino Clare Valley, SA $23.00
Mountadam Chardonnay High Eden Eden Valley, SA $42.00
Swinging Bridge ‘Mrs Payten’ Chardonnay Orange, NSW $29.00
Tolpuddle Chardonnay Coal River, TAS $89.00
In Dreams Chardonnay Yarra Valley, VIC $23.00
Savaterre Chardonnay Beechworth, VIC $80.00
Pedestal Chardonnay Margaret River, WA $82.00
Yangarra Grenache Rose McLaren Vale, SA $25.00
Giant Steps Pinot Noir Yarra Valley, VIC $25.00
Brown Brothers ‘1889’ Dry Rose $18.00
Bremerton Malbec (Vegan) Langhorne Creek, SA $20.00
Laissez Faire IV Syrah Grenache Mourvedre Counoise (Vegan) Frankland River, WA $29.00
Pikes Premio Sangiovese (Vegan) Clare Valley, SA $36.00
Save Our Souls Sangiovese Yarra Valley, VIC $24.00
The Other Wine Co Grenache Adelaide Hills, SA $26.00
Crabtree Tempranillo Clare Valley, SA $25.00
Whistler ‘Find Your Roots’ Mataro Barossa, SA $40.00
Keith Tulloch ‘Per Diem’ Merlot Hunter Valley, NSW $25.00
Vinteloper Touriga Nacional Langhorne Creek, SA $29.00
Josef Chromy Pinot Noir Relbia, TAS $35.00
Montalto Pennon Hill Pinot Noir Mornington Peninsula, VIC $40.00
Rising Pinot Noir Yarra Valley, VIC $30.00
Storm Bay Pinot Noir Cool River, TAS $26.00
42 Degree South Pinot Noir Cool River, TAS $30.00
In Dreams Pinot Noir Yarra Valley, VIC $26.00
Tamar Ridge ‘Reserve’ Pinot Noir $40.00
First Creek Shiraz Hunter Valley, NSW $22.00
Shaw + Smith Shiraz Adelaide Hills, SA $55.00
Campbells Bobbie Burns Shiraz Rutherglen, VIC $25.00
Mitchell McNicol Shiraz Clare Valley, SA $60.00
Yangarra Iron Heart Shiraz McLaren Vale, SA $95.00
Rockbare Shiraz McLaren Vale, SA $26.00
Nick O’Leary Shiraz Canberra District $33.00
Thorn Clarke Shotfire Shiraz Barossa, SA $25.00
Wimbaliri Cabernet Merlot Canberra District, NSW $25.00
Bremerton Coulthard (Vegan) Cabernet Sauvginon Langhorne Creek, SA $26.00
Oliver’s Taranga DJ Reserve Cabernet Sauvginon McLaren Vale, SA $70.00
St Hugo Cabernet Sauvginon Coonawarra, SA $55.00
Penfolds BIN 389 Cabernet Shiraz Regional, SA $110.00
Raidis Estate ‘Billy’ Cabernet Sauvignon Coonawarra, SA $35.00

Soft Drinks   5
Choice of Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Lift

Juice   5
Choice of orange, pineapple, apple

Ginger Beer   6.5